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Commodity Unit Max    Min
National Retail Prices
Apple Kg 350 250
Avocado Kg 450 100
Banana Dozen 150 50
Beans Kg 250 100
Bitter Gourd Kg 100 60
Broccoli Kg 150 50
Butter Kg 500 400
Cabbage Kg 70 40
Carrot Kg 100 50
Cauliflower Kg 200 100
Cheese Kg 600 360
Chili (Big) Kg 450 250
Chili (small) Kg 600 500
Cucumber Kg 100 50
Damroo Kg 90 25
Egg Dozen 180 120
Egg Plant Kg 100 40
Garlic Kg 600 200
Ginger Kg 200 100
Green leaves Kg 80 40
Kiwi Kg 300 300
Mango Kg 300 200
Milk Ltr 65 50
Mushroom Oyster Kg 300 150
Onion Kg 100 60
Orange Kg 150 70
Peas Kg 150 60
Potato Kg 80 40
Pumpkin Kg 80 30
Radish Kg 60 30
Slipper Gourd Kg 100 100
Tomato Kg 100 60
Turnip Kg 30 25
Water melon Kg 100 60
Wheat Flour Kg 80 70
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Agricultural Produce Export during - November, 2020

Export—Produce, volume, value, and markets 
4,239.39 MT of agricultural produce worth Nu. 174.47 million was exported during the month of November, 2020. 
The biggest export occurred via Phuentsholing. Over 2,243.75 MT of potato, ginger and cardamom worth over Nu. 106m were exported. Over 1,858 MT of vegetables including potatoes worth Nu. 64.42m was exported via Gelephu. Only 137.5 MT of potatoes worth Nu. 3.40m was exported to India via S/jongkhar during the period.
The export decreased consistently over time. The declining of export is largely attributable to the potatoes and vegetables season coming to an end. However, the export of cardamom has been growing.
Two Months Export Comparative 
The onset of winter months ending cycle of cultivation season, there is decline in production resulting in decrease of export as well. Except for potato which is the highest export commodity, other commodities recorded huge decrease, with no fruits and nuts exported during the month of November. However, harvest season of cardamom in Southern Dzongkhags increased the export value of spices almost doubly during November month.
Export to Bangladesh accounted for 23 percent of the total; the rest going to India. Cardamom was the only commodity exported to Bangladesh. 116 MT of cardamom worth Nu. 39.97 million was exported to Bangladesh via Phuentsholing during this month. With the onset of cardamom and mandarin export over the next few months, export to Bangladesh is expected to increase precipitously.

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