Wednesday, 28th October 2020
Local Market Prices
Commodity Unit Max    Min
National Retail Prices
Apple Kg 180 50
Avocado Kg 500 250
Banana Dozen 150 30
Beans Kg 200 40
Bitter Gourd Kg 160 0
Broccoli Kg 150 50
Buckwheat Kg 200 150
Butter Kg 500 320
Cabbage Kg 50 20
Cane shoots Pcs 150 30
Carrot Kg 100 40
Cauliflower Kg 200 50
Cheese Kg 700 250
Chili (Big) Kg 200 80
Chili (small) Kg 400 130
Cucumber Kg 100 20
Damroo Kg 160 20
Egg Dozen 195 100
Egg Plant Kg 120 50
Fern shoot Kg 120 20
Garlic Kg 600 200
Ginger Kg 200 50
Green leaves Kg 120 15
Kiwi Kg 500 350
Mango Kg 250 80
Milk Ltr 70 50
Mushroom Oyster Kg 400 350
Onion Kg 200 100
Orange Kg 200 80
Peas Kg 180 80
Potato Kg 60 30
Pumpkin Kg 80 20
Radish Kg 50 20
Slipper Gourd Kg 100 30
Tomato Kg 200 40
Turnip Kg 50 30
Water melon Kg 100 60
Wheat Flour Kg 150 60
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Registration for export of agricultural commodities via Phuentsholing

October 18, 2020: DAMC(PL)/2020-202/13


Public Notification

The Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC) is pleased to inform the general public about the export procedure for agricultural produce including potato, ginger and apple, by private individuals or parties.

1. Any individual or firm desiring to export agricultural produce shall register with the department’s office at P/ling, anytime between 0900 HRS to 1400 HRS a day prior to the actual entry of inbound and outbound vehicles to the RNR Export Transshipment Facility (RETF) developed at the Phuntsholing Truck Park.

2. Registration shall be carried out as per the prescribed Google Form shared in the department’s website ( and department’s official Facebook page ( or url

3. Based on the capacity of RETF to handle, no more than 40 vehicles shall be registered per day. Registration shall be stopped after registration of 40 vehicles for the day or after 1400 HRS, whichever is earlier.

4. All details in the application for registration has to be filled. Application with missing information shall be deemed incomplete and treated cancelled.

5. Applicants will be required to pay a fee for using the transshipment facility at the time of registration, and other charges including loading fee and vehicles disinfection fee will be charged at the time of transshipment by the service providers.

6. The movement of vehicle from the source up to Rinchending Check Post (or any place identified by SC19TF) will be based on the registration through CPMS. The movement from Rinchending Check Post (or any identified site) to RETF shall only be through the Driver Switching Modality.

7. Upon arrival at RETF, the transshipment of produce will be based on coupon system which will be issued to Bhutanese vehicles on ‘first come - first serve’ basis, which will be carried out under the supervision of DAMC; supported by RBP and Desuups. Loaders shall transship the goods in the sequence of serial number in the coupon. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Issued by the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC) in the interest of public service delivery

Download Notification_Eng.pdf Download Notification_Dzo.pdf

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