Saturday, 25th November 2017
Local Market Prices
Commodity Unit Max   Min
Retail Prices
Centenary Farmers Market
Soft Broom (Local) No. 50.00 50.00
Hard Broom (Local) No. 50.00 50.00
Honey (Local) Bottle 7000.00 1000.00
Eggs (Country) Dozen 350.00 350.00
Butter (Local) Kg 420.00 400.00
Cheese (Local) Ball 55.00 50.00
Apple (Others) Kg 150.00 120.00
Arecanut Pon 420.00 380.00
Avacado(Imported) Kg 450.00 400.00
Avacado(Local) Kg 150.00 120.00
Banana (Local) Dozen 100.00 60.00
Coconut (Indian) Pieces 50.00 50.00
Cucumber(Imported) Kg 60.00 50.00
Cucumber(Local) Kg 80.00 70.00
Gauva(Local) Kg 50.00 50.00
Grapes (Green Imported) Kg 300.00 300.00
Grapes (Black Imported) Kg 600.00 580.00
Auction Prices
Centenary Farmers Market

International Prices
Commodity Unit Price
Global Commodity Price
Orange Kg 43.21
Barley Kg 9.10
Wheat Kg 13.33
Maize Kg 12.12
Rice Kg 26.17
Indian Commodity Price
Orange Kg 24.85
Apple Kg 50.75
Rice Kg 20.25
Maize Kg 14.00
Wheat Kg 17.00
Barley Kg 12.75
Potato Kg 7.75
Ginger Kg 61.00

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Local government officials in Sakteng gewog inaugurating their Farm Shop

Local government officials in Sakteng gewog inaugurating their Farm Shop recently coinciding with the birth anniversary of HRH Gyalsey. With the Sakteng farm shop in operation, a total of 100 gewogs now have farm shops. The remaining 105 gewogs will receive their shops in the coming year.

Farm Shops sell goods at FCB rates, bringing down prices drastically in our villages while selling only genuine products. The most popular items are rice, cooking oil, soap and farming implements. However, the real objective of the farm shops is not to sell, but to buy agricultural and husbandry produce from our farmers. This will go a long way in improving rural livelihoods while strengthening food security in the Kingdom.

09 Feb, 2017    Market News   Admin  1885 views