Thursday, 24th June 2021
Local Market Prices
Commodity Unit Max    Min
National Retail Prices
Apple Kg 350 150
Asparagus Kg 360 100
Avocado Kg 700 450
Banana Dozen 150 40
Beans Kg 240 40
Bitter Gourd Kg 160 40
Broccoli Kg 120 50
Buckwheat Kg 200 0
Butter Kg 600 280
Cabbage Kg 80 25
Cane shoots Pcs 100 40
Carrot Kg 200 30
Cauliflower Kg 180 40
Cheese Kg 600 300
Chili (Big) Kg 300 40
Chili (small) Kg 400 70
Cucumber Kg 200 40
Damroo Kg 120 60
Egg Dozen 330 120
Egg Plant Kg 200 40
Fern shoot Kg 150 0
Garlic Kg 400 120
Ginger Kg 200 50
Green leaves Kg 160 20
Kiwi Kg 750 420
Mango Kg 250 80
Milk Ltr 70 50
Mushroom Oyster Kg 400 120
Okra Kg 100 40
Onion Kg 100 30
Orange Kg 300 100
Peas Kg 150 50
Potato Kg 50 20
Pumpkin Kg 70 30
Radish Kg 60 20
Slipper Gourd Kg 200 50
Tomato Kg 503 30
Turnip Kg 150 150
Water melon Kg 100 40
Wheat Flour Kg 120 60
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About DAMC


Brief Introduction to Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF), Royal Government of Bhutan

1. Introduction

Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC) was established in October 2009 and started to operate as a Department from March 2010 with the appointment of a Director. The main reasons for its establishment are: Firstly, to better equip and prepare the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to cater to the needs of the rapid transition of the Agriculture sector from a primarily subsistence to a major market economy. Secondly, to strengthen the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to effectively implement the Cooperative (Amendment) Act of Bhutan, 2009 (CAB 2009).  The department has the following vision, mission and strategic goals.

2. Vision: 
A vibrant and responsive marketing and cooperative institution, supporting profitable and people-centered marketing of RNR products, for both domestic and international markets contributing to sustainable socio-economic development.

3. Mission: 
To promote marketing of RNR products through promoting efficient and effective marketing systems, facilitating institutional linkages and strengthening farmers groups and cooperatives.

4. Mandates

The following are the Mandates of the Department:

  • Transforming the RNR sectors from subsistence to market oriented farming in order to bring improvements in rural economy.
  • To support economic and social empowerment through development of farmers group and cooperatives
  • To improve economic efficiency and viability of RNR production and marketing through organization and development of farmers group and cooperatives
  • To support sustainable and effective management and production of RNR products market research, intelligence, information and studies.
  • To establish efficient and effective marketing system to promote domestic and export markets through development of infrastructures.

5. Functions

  • Registration of FGs/Cooperatives and income generation
  • Facilitate Credit Cooperatives and funding
  • Capacity building/strengthening of FGs/Cooperatives, Entrepreneurs and RNR extension on Cooperative strengthening and Marketing
  • Facilitate access to marketing equipment and post-harvest facilities
  • Conduct market studies for major RNR products
  • Promote commercial farming and agribusinesses
  • Promote Domestic and Export market (market linkage)
  • Develop and strengthen Market intelligence and information system
  • Establish/Develop market infrastructures
  • Develop policies, strategies and guidelines related to RNR Marketing

 6. Contact:

Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives , Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Thimphu, Bhutan, P.O Box 929 Tel: +975-2-331638 / 335741/ 322909 Fax: +975-2-324898

Revised Mandates.pdf