Thursday, 22nd February 2018
Local Market Prices
Commodity Unit Max   Min
Retail Prices
Centenary Farmers Market
Chilli Dry Bhutanese Kg 1200.00 500.00
Auction Prices
Centenary Farmers Market

International Prices
Commodity Unit Price
Global Commodity Price
Orange Kg 43.21
Barley Kg 9.10
Wheat Kg 13.33
Maize Kg 12.12
Rice Kg 26.17
Indian Commodity Price
Orange Kg 24.85
Apple Kg 50.75
Rice Kg 20.25
Maize Kg 14.00
Wheat Kg 17.00
Barley Kg 12.75
Potato Kg 7.75
Ginger Kg 61.00

Visitors Counter
Flag Counter
Cooperative Division

Functions of Cooperative Development Division(CDD) 
1. Registration and development of Farmer groups (FGs) and Cooperatives;
2. Facilitation of institutional linkages and communication; 
3. Liaise with international agencies for development/strengthening of FGs/Cooperatives
4. Promote and strengthen Cooperatives/FGs through capacity building programmes;
5. Facilitation of Cooperative funding and access to credit services; 
6. Regulate and Monitor FG/Cooperatives
7. Any other activities as required by the Cooperative (Amendment) Act of Bhutan,2009